Our coding instructor in Burnaby demoed some of the VR games our students made and brought prizes to draw!

1st place: a full semester at Under the GUI Burnaby Coding Camp free!

The second prize is a free one-week Coding and Robotics Summer Camp at Burnaby!

The third prize is a Bluetooth speaker!

The Virtual Reality (VR) games were all developed by Under the GUI students, aged between 13 – 17 years old.

The patrons at Crystal Mall all enjoyed the immersive environment providing and amazed at the level of knowledge Under the GUI kids had to create these games.

If you are interested in our Richmond Coding and Tech summer camp programs, check out our programs here!. Under the GUI Academy is providing three types of summer camps programs at Richmond this summer, see details below.

This summer, our Richmond Summer Camp is going to provide weeks of awesome science, technology, engineering and coding camps (STEM)! Kids learn in all technology sectors including Robotics, Engineering, Coding, and Animation.
Here is a glance of what our summer camp programs look like:

Our coding & animation summer camp teaches Python and app development. This is intended for students who have no prior knowledge of Python and is a good introduction to real programming concepts and goes beyond the drag & drop coding interface. At the end of this camp, students will have created their own versions of their favorite apps that they can share online!

Our Robotics summer camp program will teach the basics of Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s and making electronic circuit prototypes. From blinking LEDs to complex flying robots, this camp will teach students how to connect components on a breadboard and do basic Arduino programming to control them.

Our Engineering Olympics summer camp will introduce students of all ages to the exciting world of Engineering through a full week of competitions and engaging activities. Activities and challenges will include Giant Catapult, High Egg Drop, Popsicle Stick Bridge, Robotic Arm Transporter and more.

Contact Lucy at 778-829-9310 for questions about our Richmond summer camp programs or if you are interested in the Richmond Public Library’s code club, make sure to sign up now!