I have been in the Under the GUI’s (UTG) educational program for a little over 4 years now. Upon starting the program, I was quickly taught the basics of computer programming in a way which was both engaging and relatively easy to understand. Since that time, I have learned many new fascinating concepts from UTG. These include: pathfinding algorithms, genetic algorithms, sorting functions, 3D programming, and much more. With these new skills, I have been able to undertake jobs, which before I never imagined I’d have access to.

By far the most enjoyable job and learning experience I’ve had so far is working for UBC’s Immersive Technology Lab (ITL). This job allowed me to gain experience in the development of virtual reality applications and computer programs in general. Moreover, during my time with ITL, I was fortunate enough to work under Dr. Ray Hsu. This professor proved to be incredibly influential and insightful in the development of our start-up team, teaching us much about business and coordinating our engineering efforts.

The wisdom and patience of the Under the GUI teachers allowed even the most difficult concepts to seem within my grasp. Finally, if I had to sum up my experience at UTG in one word it would be “enthusiastic” as I never once got the impression that a teacher was anything less that enthusiastic to bestow his or her students with knowledge.