Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by parents.

My child has no prior coding experience, which level should he/she take?

In most cases, students start in the class most appropriate for their age. However, some students may show exceptional prowess in technology and would be moved to the level most appropriate for their skill level.

Here are our age-appropriate guidelines:

What is the general overview of the curriculum?

The Under the GUI curriculum is intended for children to have fun but, also to learn programming languages and concepts. Each level is designed to progressively introduce complex engineering concepts through the medium of video games. To learn more about our curriculum, check out our classes here: Classes

When are the classes taught?

Under the GUI teaches weekly 1-hour classes, on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on the school and schedule. Please look at Classes > Online Registration to see which times are still available, or contact us directly to inquire about other options.

Does my child have to bring their own laptop and/or equipment?

We may have backup laptops and computers for students to use, however, the number of laptops are limited. We recommend students bring their own laptops to class. Special equipment like virtual reality headsets, electroencephalograms and others will be provided for in-class use.

What if my child needs to miss class?

If a student misses a class, we have a few options available. If there is an equivalent class and lesson later during the week, you may be able to join this class depending on a few factors. Make-up classes are at the discretion of the managers and teachers of the school.

We place all our class notes, assignments, bonus work, and lecture materials can be accessed online for all Under the GUI students here: UTG Forum. The Under the GUI community is where all students can ask instructors any questions directly about classes and assignments.

Is all work done only in class or do the students work on programming during the week for the next class?

Depending on the level and the age groups, we may have assignments for them to bring home to do. Note that these assignments may require students do research online, and we recommend parents supervise their children’s online activity.

What languages will they learn?

Although not limited to these languages, students will most likely be working with Python, C# and JavaScript.

What software is used at Under the GUI?

Students learn using a host of different programs but primarily work with PixelPad,  Unity and Visual Studio. These engines make creating games a bit easier but still rely on the programming concepts, languages, algorithms and designs that are used in any other apps and programs.

Why is computer programming important?

Anything with a computer in it has been programmed to some extent, whether it is your microwave’s timer to cook your food or more complex computers that can calculate and track planetary orbits. Nowadays, most people only know how to interact with computers on a basic level; however, at Under the GUI, your child will learn how to understand computers, their languages and make them do exactly what they want them to.

If there’s a particular question you would like to ask that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.