Under the GUI (UTG) Academy is a learning academy focusing on STEM programs for Grades 1 to 12 students. Our philosophy to education is focusing on student motivations, and supporting that as much as possible, while challenging our students to innovate, think critically, and create with technologies on the fringe of our hi-tech culture using the same tools used by professionals in the field.
Have fun and learn to code!
We teach our students how to code by creating their own video games.
Learn better with small class sizes.
With small classes, kids learn faster and are encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions. We are passionate about empowering your child to excel in a safe space with the support and mentorship of our qualified instructors.
Build confidence with important problem-solving, computational and creative skills.
They are challenged to problem solve and think outside the box to develop the best solutions.
Make friends with other kid coders.
Establish long-lasting relationships with peers of similar skill-level, interests, and passions as your child.
We believe that learning should be fun and most of all applicable. By giving our students a way to apply their knowledge, students tend to have more fun, leading to an authentic, educational experience that fosters long-term memory and the initiative to continue furthering their potential.
In most cases, students start in the class most appropriate for their age. Our managers are trained to ensure to keep an eye on the students to make sure they are challenged and moved to an appropriate level. Alternatively, you could book an assessment with us at any time! Give us a call, or request info through the online form. Click here to find the contact info for a location near you.
Depending on the level and the age groups, we may have assignments for them to bring home to do. We think that students already have enough homework to do from their day-schooling, so any assignments provided by teachers at UTG Academy will usually be optional.
Our philosophy at UTG Academy is to make sure every student gets fired up about learning. Working with students for over a decade now, we have had students graduate from all-walks of life. We have had students graduate to Ivy-league school's and we've had students work with the best tech companies in the world, but the most important thing we care about is that all students from UTG continue to be motivated about their education and learn how to apply theory to craft.
We may have backup laptops and computers for students to use, however, the number of laptops are limited. We recommend students bring their own laptops to class. Special equipment like VR headsets and others will be provided for in-class use.
If a student misses a class, we have a few options available. If there is an equivalent class and lesson later during the week, you may be able to join this class depending on a few factors. Make-up classes are at the discretion of the managers and teachers of the school.
Although not limited to these languages, students will most likely be working in the order of: Python, C#, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Java. We will be using a software called PixelPAD a fantastic educational software for our students!
Students learn using a host of different programs but primarily work with PixelPAD, Unity and Visual Studio. These engines make creating apps and games a bit easier but still rely on the programming concepts, languages, algorithms and designs that are used in any other apps and programs.