Under the GUI (UTG) Academy is a learning academy focusing on STEM programs for Grades 1 – 12 students. We aspire to create an environment that inspires kids to innovate, think critically, and create with technologies on the fringe of our hi-tech culture. Our teachers encourage students to expand their limitless creativity through the creation of video games, apps, and traditional software using the same tools used by professionals in the field.

“GUI” stands for graphical user interface, or the “graphics”. By getting “under” the interface, we learn about the processes that control it. As the developer for their games, our students have the opportunity to find their innovative potential through our curriculum as they progressively master their skills in Python, C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Java, using PixelPAD.io, Unity3D and Visual Studio.

We believe that learning should be fun and most of all applicable. By giving our students a way to apply their knowledge, students tend to have more fun, leading to an authentic, educational experience that fosters long-term memory and the initiative to continue furthering their potential.