Under the GUI Student Makes Augmented Reality (AR) App Using Yu-gi-oh Cards

Marcus Gilbert holding yugioh cards

Marcus Gilbert – Grade 9

Marcus is an Under the GUI Academy student in the UN502 Unity class learning about Augmented Reality.

Marcus is thinking of creating an augmented reality card game using holographic images that will animate and attack other cards just like the real Yugioh series. His app makes use of the computers cameras and projects a hologram of an image whenever it sees a specific Yu-gi-oh card. Marcus’ favourite thing about coding at UTG Academy is making the app itself, and being able to apply his knowledge to other games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Marcus found the hardest thing about programming is figuring out the bugs that could come up and how to overcome those bugs. His advice to overcome these difficulties is to:

“Read what the bug was, and ask lots of questions and learn about the errors itself!”

Our young coders are truly becoming the wizards of the future, they can do anything.

marcus gilbert augmented reality using yugioh cards

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