If I had told my parents, that I would grow up and make games for a living and teach others how to do the same, they probably would have laughed it off, indulged me a bit and not believed me. Actually, scratch that, I wouldn’t even have believed it myself. Yet, that’s what I do!

A little bit about me, I’m an aspiring Technical Artist, a full time Game Developer and an Instructor at Under the GUI (UTG). I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, a diploma in Classical Animation and a Masters in Digital Media. What all of this means, is that I live and breathe games. It’s where I get to be creative, technical, logical and artistic.

If I had to be honest with myself, I never saw myself working with children. When I got the opportunity to work at UTG, I had no idea what to expect. After a phone call, a few emails and an interview, I found myself in the following weekend teaching 4 classes and 2 curriculums. I was blown away by what I experienced and found myself wanting to teach even more. Contrary to the dry, boring classroom environment that I expected, there was a space where children were allowed to have fun while learning. Not only do we make games, but they take it and make it their own, giving it a creative flavor that only children can provide.  It’s an amazing feeling to go to work on a Saturday morning and teach kids that are so passionate, smart, and eager to learn.

Teaching has always been an interest and calling that I’ve wanted to explore. Helping students, realize their passion and nurturing their interest is a very fulfilling experience. In the past, I have mentored as an Academic Guide at UBC’s Extended Learning and been an Instructional Assistant at the Centre for Digital Media.

It’s a great feeling when you have the opportunity to give back to society by nurturing young minds, exercising their technical and problem-solving skills while expressing their creativity. They help me connect with my inner child and remind me, why I fell in love with what I do every week.

About me : 

Rahul Kukreja
Instructor @ Under the GUI