Michael Allan has been with UTG Academy for over 5 years and is now working in academic units in a range of different fields and technologies. Michael has dabbled in everything from mobile development to full virtual reality projects with UBC.

In 2017 Michael Allan was nominated to take part in the Immersive Technology Lab at UBC. At ITL, Michael had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ray Hsu and the HR Macmillan Space Center on the Rover VR Project.

“If you get code to work really well and look really nice, I think it’s more interesting than the game; just to look at all the intricacies.” – Michael Allan

Michael has an incredible academic aptitude for technology, and uses his abilities to help educate others working as one of our youngest teaching assistants UTG Academy.

Michael Allan picture

When Michael is not attending school or working as a T.A., Michael’s ambitions stretch beyond academia supporting the PixelPAD team whenever he can find the time.

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We also have Tech summer camps happening throughout Vancouver.

Our coding & animation summer camp teaches Python and app development. This is intended for students who have no prior knowledge of Python and is a good introduction to real programming concepts and goes beyond the drag & drop coding interface. At the end of this camp, students will have created their own versions of their favorite apps that they can share online!

Our Robotics summer camp program will teach the basics of Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s and making electronic circuit prototypes. From blinking LEDs to complex flying robots, this camp will teach students how to connect components on a breadboard and do basic Arduino programming to control them.

Our Engineering Olympics summer camp will introduce students of all ages to the exciting world of Engineering through a full week of competitions and engaging activities. Activities and challenges will include Giant Catapult, High Egg Drop, Popsicle Stick Bridge, Robotic Arm Transporter and more.