Simon has been attending classes with Under the GUI for a year and a half. He started showing an interest in computers and coding about three years ago. At that time, we found an online course for kids that he completed in half the recommended time. We began researching for a local coding class, and were lucky enough to find Under the GUI. Jason, Simon’s instructor, is very generous with his time and patience. He is quick to answer questions on the forum, when Simon is working on projects between classes. Simon has been able to use his coding skills at school, and has created some amazing projects. He built a very impressive video game for a social studies project that demonstrated his understanding of agricultural methods used in Ancient Egypt. Simon’s interest in computers has only grown during his time at Under the GUI. He has since purchased a drawing tablet and 3D printer that helped his skills grow even more. Under the GUI has definitely given Simon coding skills that will enhance his education into high school, and his future.