Who is Jade Piramide?

Jade is a 15 year old grade 9 student at Under the GUI Academy and has been learning to code ever since he was 12 years old. When he first started learning to code, Jade created apps and games using the language Lua with the “Love2D” Game Engine.

In the last few years Jade has joined UTG Academy to further his knowledge in computer science and is currently learning Unity and C# in our UN402 class.


What is Jade’s current programming project?

Jade’s current project is developing an algorithmic maze generator implemented using two algorithms:

  1. Recursive Backtracking algorithm
  2. Kruskal’s algorithm

After creating Perfect Mazes, Jade also created another path-finding algorithm to solve such mazes.

The Purpose of Generating Mazes

Jade has always loved mazes and has always tried solving large mazes in his head. With this new algorithm, you can create mazes however large you wish, and together with his friends, the gang has managed to solve only a few of his algorithmic mazes by hand.

It took them 2 hours to solve a 50U X 50U Recursive Backtracking maze but the Kruskal’s maze was just too complicated for them to solve.

Jade enjoys maze generation because it teaches him a lot about technology and computer science, data structures and optimizations. He believes learning these topics is crucial to computer science because it allows handling of data more efficiently and that, is what he believes computer science should be.

Why does Jade like studying at Under the GUI Academy?

“I really enjoyed learning at UTG Academy it’s really friendly and the students have the freedom to go in-depth and explore more knowledge later on. It makes it really easy to learn”

“like, the first course I attended here, I had no idea how to use Unity at all, and now, I can say I am a Unity Master!”

What is the most difficult part about coding for Jade?

“It is less about “coding” but more about designing it so that it becomes modular, and easy to expand on – the architecture of it… because without that it’s very easy to create a system that fails and sometimes that in the middle of a project you realize, you’ll need to tear down the entire thing.”

Jade’s Suggestions for beginner programmers 

Coding might be hard at first, but once you get into it, and it becomes very addicting, and you get every caught up easily in coding so I would encourage people to code because it is a very important life skill to learn especially since now the technology is advancing fast.


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