Canadian Computing Competition

 (Age: any; Date: Feb 18 2015; Level: Beginner)

Every year Centre for Education in Mathematics organizes Canadian Computing Competition. The goal is to provide kids, interested in programming and computer science, with challenge. It is a great way for kids interested in computers to show their potential as strong programmers in the future.
The competition represents a set of problems that have to be solved using programming language of choice. Depending on an entry level, the difficulty of the contest varies. There are 2 entry levels: Junior and Senior where the first one puts more emphasis on programming while second on theoretical computer science and math. Junior level is designed for kids with elementary programming experience and Senior for kids with solid programming background. In order to participate contestants should apply through their school.

Canadian Computing Olympiad

 (Age: any, Date: May 11 – May 15 2015; Level: Intermediate)

Upon completion of Canadian Computing Competition, the top 20 candidates are invited to participate in Canadian Computing Olympiad which is held at University of Waterloo. The Olympiad represents a whole week of workshops, contests and extra-curricular activities for kids. At this stage participants for International Olympiad in Informatics are determined as well.

Beaver Computing Challenge

 (Age: 14 – 15; Date: TBA; Level: Beginner)

Beaver Computing Challenge is another contest held by Centre for Education and Mathematics. The contest was designed to introduce kids to exciting world of computer science. Unlike Canadian Computing Competition, Beaver Computing Challenge provides a set of problems revolved around logical and computational thinking rather than programming. The contest is made in a form of test where problems are inspired by computer science. In order to participate contestants don’t need to know programming but they should be comfortable with common math curriculum. Beaver Computing Challenge is aimed for the kids studying in grades 9-10. In order to participate contestants should register through their school.

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